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The BelSecure Module automatically does a vulnerability assessment of your IT systems, checks security policies, configuration settings, and discovers other information about the host such as anti-virus status, application versions, security patches, user accounts and more. The policy settings are automatically compared with consensus benchmarks from NIST (USGCB and FDCC), which allow IT managers to automatically determine the security status of their IT assets in advance of an attack. All of this vulnerability and configuration data is automatically collected, on a daily basis, in BelSecure's central repository, or CMDB.

Why are configurations important for IT security? Many current threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats, are not stopped by perimeter security systems such as firewall and anti-virus systems. Setting and monitoring configurations based on consensus benchmarks is a critical step because this is a pro-active way to avoid many successful attacks. Click here to request our white paper, "Securing the Enterprise - Enterprise-wide, standards-based, continuous monitoring of automated security controls", which describes this in more detail.

BelSecure Module features include the following:

  • Automated, daily vulnerability assessment, including all Microsoft OS and application vulnerabilities, Adobe vulnerabilities, anti-virus status, and more.
  • Web portal architecture. WAN based operation. Single Intranet server and database.
  • Automatic comparison with NIST's FDCC and USGCB checklists.
  • Automatically collects all of the configuration and vulnerability data into a central repository, or CMDB.
  • Helps automate security processes such as FISMA, HIPAA and FFIEC.
  • Certified to work with Cisco's NAC (Network Admission Control) system. click here for details.

To request copies of our white paper, "Securing the Enterprise" click here.

To try the BelSecure Module and find out why our current customers chose to use Belarc's products, please click here.


The BelSecure Module is an option with BelManage and is priced at $2,500, purchased with the BelManage Base system.

  • This price includes the BelSecure module for up to 250 monitored clients. Additional clients are priced at $10/client for the first 5,000 clients; $7.50/client for the next 5,000 clients; $5/client for all clients over 10,000. Discount schedule is calculated for each purchase order.
  • Twelve (12) months of maintenance is priced at $2/client for the first 5,000 clients; $1.50/client for the next 5,000 clients; $1/client for all clients over 10,000. Maintenance includes support and all major and minor product updates. Maintenance is required with the initial system purchase.
For GSA Pricing please contact Ray Thorn, 208-895-9817, Email:

Product Requirements:
  • Monitored Clients: Windows 7, Vista, and XP. BelManage offers both installable or agent-less solutions.
  • Server OS: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 (64-bit or 32-bit), Windows Server 2003 (32-bit), or Windows 2000 Server.
  • Server Disk Space: 300 MB plus 1 MB per monitored client.
  • Server Database: MS SQL Server Express Edition (included); MS SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, or 2005 (customer supplied option, no additional cost for interface module) or Oracle 11g or 10g (customer supplied option, additional $5,000 cost for interface module).

To purchase the BelSecure Module or for additional information, please contact us at:

Belarc, Inc.
Tel: +1-978-461-1100

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