Sistemas de Gerenciamento para a Era da Internet
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Sistemas de Gerenciamento para a Era da Internet
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Os clientes da Belarc incluem as seguintes organizações:

  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS) use BelManage on over 4,000 of their IT assets located in over 100 countries. The detailed software, hardware and configuration data of these assets is updated daily in CRS's BelManage server located in Baltimore, MD. CRS uses BelManage for configuration control, software license management and IT security control. They have used BelManage since 2005. For information about CRS, click here.

  • Kindred Healthcare use BelManage to monitor over 25,000 of its IT assets in over 300 healthcare facilities covering 40 states in the US. Detailed hardware, software and security configuration information is updated daily to Kindred's server and database in Louisville, KY. This information is used for software license management, helpdesk support, OS upgrade planning and security audits. Kindred Healthcare has used BelManage since 2002.

  • The U.S. Air Force 844 CG (Pentagon, Bolling and Andrews AFBs) use BelManage on over 22,000 of their IT assets for software license management, software compliance and IT security compliance. They have continuously used BelManage since 2006.

  • The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) use BelManage on over 17,000 of their IT assets. Detailed configuration data is updated daily to their BelManage server and SQL database in Oklahoma City, OK. The results are available to groups in Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. and are used for software license management, configuration management, and IT asset and lifecycle management.

  • The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) has successfully run BelManage on its world-wide network of over 120,000 IT assets since early 2002. Profile information is automatically updated on these IT assets on a daily basis and sent to a single server and Oracle database. Information is automatically available to local admins and HQ personnel via their Web browser based on PKI card authentication.

    The USMC uses BelManage for software license management, software and hardware configuration management, and IT lifecycle management. For a description of how the USMC is using BelManage in their ITAM systems please click here.

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