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Belarc currently has the following white papers in circulation:

  • "Software License Management" - Lower IT spending, improve operations and IT security. One-half of many software budgets is spent on maintaining existing software. This is an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce annual IT spending, and improve operations and IT security.

  • "Discovery and Usage data for Software License Management" - Is Microsoft SCCM the best solution? Many organizations use Microsoft's SCCM product as their primary software discovery method. Because SCCM is already used by operations, it comes at little or no additional cost to the Software License Management (SLM) group. But is it a wise decision for software licensing to use SCCM data as the primary data source? We suggest that this decision should be reconsidered because of the extra costs and missed savings opportunities that come with using SCCM for discovery and usage.

  • "Securing the Enterprise", enterprise-wide, standards-based, continuous monitoring of automated security controls". IT security best practices are changing from relying on static C&A processes with infrequent audits, to continuous and automated monitoring of important security controls. This paper shows how this goal can be best accomplished by moving away from traditional LAN based scanner technologies and using a WAN based architecture with instrumented end-points.

And the following product papers:

  • "Belarc & Microsoft's SCCM". Belarc's products and Microsoft's SCCM product were designed around very different architectures and for different purposes. In many ways these products are excellent complements to help IT organizations manage their distributed IT assets. This paper describes the architectural differences and discusses the different roles that each product plays in the IT organization.

  • "Belarc Summary", is a short paper describing how Belarc's products are used.

  • Mapping the NIST SP 800-53 (rev 4) security controls to Belarc's products.

Please send us an email with the title of the white paper(s) you wish to receive, the reason for your interest in IT system management, and where you learned about Belarc:

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