Belarc and the Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Belarc is pleased to be a new member of the CIS CyberMarket.

Why use the CIS controls?

What do the Cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and the Colorado DoT have in common? They are all victims of ransomware attacks which affected their ability to offer public services. A solution to prevent these attacks is to implement the CIS Top 5 controls. In this case, managing server and workstation vulnerabilities, controlling use of administrative privileges and implementing two factor authentication. The CIS says that implementing the Top 5 controls will reduce the risk of a successful breach by 85%!

CIS Top 5 Controls

Belarc's products allow our customers to automatically monitor the CIS Top 5 controls, including:

  • Hardware - Identify authorized and un-authorized hardware.
  • Software - Identify authorized and un-authorized software.
  • Vulnerabilities - Continuously monitor all systems for vulnerabilities. This includes both on-premises and cloud based systems in IaaS and PaaS environments.
  • Administrator Privileges - control and monitor the use of admin privileges.
  • Secure configurations - implement and monitor the use of secure configurations on all devices.

Belarc's customers

Our state and local government customers include the Texas DoT, Oakland County Michigan, Covered California, and our federal government customers include the US Federal Aviation Administration, USAF 844th CG (Pentagon, Bolling & Andrews), US Bureau of Land Management, US Department of State (Diplomatic Security), US Army, US Navy and NASA.

Automatic, complete, accurate

Every organization will likely have many tools to monitor some or all of the CIS Top 5 controls, but Belarc's system does this automatically, regularly and without requiring any additional manpower. Belarc's architecture allows a single server and database to automatically collect this data enterprise wide from desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles, servers, virtual machines and in PaaS and IaaS environments. Implementations can be either on-premises or via SaaS.

Request information and pricing

To try our products on our hosted demo server or for a copy of our white paper, "Securing the Enterprise - Cyber Security Myths and Reality", please send an email to

Belarc is pleased to offer all CIS members the ability to purchase Belarc's products with our discounted GSA schedule 70 pricing. For additional information or a quotation, please contact Ray Thorn, +1 208-895-9817,