Belarc, Inc. teams with ZDNet to integrate Belarc's personalization products on ZDNet's Help Channel.

Belarc, Inc. announces Advisor2 with BelLive -- The Internet personalization system designed for privacy and anonymity.

Concord, MA -- March 10, 1998 -- Web sites can now deliver personalized content while maintaining the anonymity of their visitors and the privacy of their profiles.

Belarc, announces the release of its Advisor2 product with BelLive. The Belarc Advisor has been used by over 70,000 end-users on computer catalog sites such as Insight Direct, ComputerESP, NECX Direct and YourPC. Advisor2 allows web sites to offer their visitors personalized content and navigation based on their personal profile data, while maintaining the privacy of these profiles and allowing their visitors to remain anonymous.

Advisor2 is now fully integrated as a plug-in to the user's web browser to help make it an integral and seamless part of any web site. Overall advice appears right on the product page where it helps the user most, with full details only a click away.

In addition, the BelLive feature allows web sites to show their visitors personalized navigation based on their visitors' detailed PC configurations, while keeping this profile information private and without requiring their visitors to register. For example, if a visitor uses Adobe PhotoShop, a media site can point them to graphics information; if a visitor has a slower processor, a catalog site can point them to processor upgrades. The rules are set by the web site and the personalization is done on the visitor's PC in order to maintain their privacy and anonymity.

About Belarc

Belarc develops and licenses personalized content delivery systems to Internet merchant, media and manufacturer sites. These systems maintain the privacy of the visitor while delivering content personalized to each visitor's requirements. The Company has initially targeted the PC hardware and software market, and its products are licensed by some of the leading Internet Merchants, such as Insight Direct, ComputerESP, NECX and Your!PC.

The Company has been awarded U.S. Patent 5665951 titled "Customer Indicia and Storage System". This patent is valuable where Internet shoppers are looking for products which are compatible to items they already own. For example, this technology can be applicable to shopping for PC hardware and software products, apparel and footwear items and financial products.

Dr. Jack Goldman has recently joined our Board of Directors. Jack, as EVP of Xerox, was the creator and visionary behind Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

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