Belarc announces "Memory Magic" feature

Belarc announces "Memory Magic" feature - an automated Internet application that takes the guesswork out of upgrading PC memory, and allows shoppers to buy Industry Standard memory from all manufacturers, the lowest cost option.

Concord, MA - June 19, 1997 - Belarc, a developer of Internet commerce tools, announces the release of its "Memory Magic" feature for the Belarc Advisor. Memory Magic automatically helps PC users buy the correct memory upgrade for their PCs, without needing to know their Manufacturer Model Number, or the technical details of their memory configuration and the products' specifications.

With the popularity of the Internet and Intranet, and the increasing resource requirements by many other new applications such as PC Games, Office Suites and Collabrative Applications, memory sales are rising sharply. Until now, upgrading memory was not a simple task. In order to purchase industry standard memory, the lowest cost option, customers were required to know all of the technical details of their system's memory configuration and the products' specifications. Alternatively, if they knew their exact Manufacturer Model Number, they could pay more and purchase model specific memory products.

We believe that the Belarc Advisor's easy to use Memory Magic feature will be very popular with all Internet users, including corporate and SOHO buyers. Buying the right memory upgrades, at the best price, for one or a thousand systems can now be done over the Internet with the click of a button.

"Memory is a very popular area on our site, and the Memory Magic feature will greatly help shoppers buy the right memory upgrade product", says Tonny Yu, President of U.Vision, producer of ComputerESP, the largest and most popular site for comparing PC products from multiple retailers. To try Memory Magic on ComputerESP go to:

Background on Belarc

The Belarc Advisor system ( is the first Internet commerce tool to help PC shoppers automatically buy the right PC hardware and software products for their home or office systems, without needing to know the technical requirements and specifications of the products or of their PC systems.

Belarc develops and licenses unique electronic commerce products for computer resellers and direct marketers of computer products. Our systems are licensed by some of the leading Internet Merchants. When you go to these sites, and click on the Belarc button, you will know with certainty that you will be buying the right product for your computer. Belarc has applied for patents covering the Belarc Advisor system. Additional information is available on Belarc’s web site at

Background on U.Vision/ComputerESP

ComputerESP ( is a free and unique Internet service produced by U.Vision that saves computer shoppers time and money by providing a search engine to locate products at the best price. Integrating over a million product listings from major cyberstores into a searchable database, U.Vision's online service eliminates the inconvenience of searching through any number of Web sites, poring over print catalogs, or traveling to countless computer stores.

U.Vision, Inc., "The Visibility Provider," was established in April, 1995 and is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. The company organizes information on the Internet for end users and provides an innovative communication channel for businesses. The company introduced ComputerESP, an innovative suite of Internet services, to help computer shoppers find the products that best suit their needs while providing computer companies the visibility necessary to compete in the dynamic new Internet media environment.

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