Belarc, Inc. teams with ZDNet to integrate Belarc's personalization products on ZDNet's Help Channel.

Belarc's products deliver personalized content while allowing the visitor to remain anonymous and keep their profile information private.

Concord, MA -- June 25, 1998 -- Belarc today announced that Ziff-Davis' [NYSE: ZD] ZDNet will use Belarc's personalization products on its popular Help Channel ( A new "Inside Your PC" section of the site uses Belarc's Advisor product to give Help Channel visitors a detailed description of their PC hardware and software configurations. Custom links then guide users to advice, definitions, and tips for their particular PC setup. In the future Belarc's products will be used to give Help Channel visitors personalized navigation based on their PC configurations. For example, visitors with Office 97 will be presented with links to Office 97 tips, visitors with games installed will see links to their specific programs.

All of this personalization is done while allowing the visitor to remain anonymous and keep their PC profile completely private. In fact the profile never leaves the visitor's PC.

"Before users can find help on any problem, they must know what hardware and software they have installed," said Stephen Howard, Executive Editor, ZDNet's Help Channel. "Belarc's Advisor builds a detailed profile automatically, which will benefit all but the most technical users. The next step in automating help will be to present customized information based on the users' configurations. The Advisor makes this possible."

"Personalization is the wave of the future for the Web.", said Sumin Tchen and Gary Newman, founders of Belarc. "We are pleased to be able to offer this capability, while allowing the user to remain anonymous and keep their personal profile information private."

About Belarc
Belarc develops and licenses personalization systems for Internet merchant, media and manufacturer sites. These systems maintain the privacy of the visitor while delivering content personalized to each visitor. The Company has initially targeted the PC hardware and software market, and its products are licensed by some of the leading Internet Merchants, such as Kingston Technology, Insight Direct, NECX and YourPC.

About ZDNet
Based in San Francisco, Ziff-Davis' ZDNet is the Web's leading, most comprehensive source for content on computing and the Internet. The ZDNet site ( combines groundbreaking, interactive technology with editorial from Ziff-Davis' worldwide network of journalists to produce original, compelling content and create communities of common interests in computing. is consistently ranked by Media Metrix as the number-one Web site in the News, Information and Entertainment category.

Ziff-Davis is an integrated media and marketing company focused on computing and Internet-related technology, with principal platforms in print publishing, trade shows and conferences, online content, market research and education. The Company provides global technology companies with marketing strategies for reaching key decision-makers.

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