Internet Personalization System Patent

Belarc's patented Advisor system offers personalized content and advice while maintaining user's privacy

September 8, 1997 -- Concord, MA -- Belarc, a leading developer of personalized content delivery systems for the Internet, today announced that it was awarded Patent 5665951 titled "Customer Indicia and Storage System". The patent is valuable where Internet shoppers would like to know how compatible products are with items they already own. For example, this technology can be applicable to shopping for PC hardware and software products, apparel and footwear items and financial products.

The current Belarc Advisor system automatically tells users which hardware and software upgrade products are compatible with their computer systems, without requiring them to be technical experts. If a shopper wishes to purchase a new software package, the Belarc Advisor tells them if their computer will run that software and what upgrades are required. The same holds true if the shopper wishes to purchase hardware upgrades, such as memory and hard drives, etc.

Belarc is planning to add other applications to its Belarc Advisor system, such as delivering personalized advice for apparel and footwear items and for financial products.

"We believe that applications like the Belarc Advisor make it more compelling for customers to use the Web, to find and purchase products, rather than other channels such as mail order or retail stores", said Sumin Tchen, Belarc's Chairman. "Commercial transactions are increasing on the Internet, and we believe any system that allows for personalized content and advice will increase the amount of these transactions."

"The Internet is an ideal medium for personalized content delivery, however we at Belarc believe that at the same time the Internet user's privacy must be maintained", said Gary Newman, President of Belarc. "Current systems require that the Internet user's personal information be sent to a web server, compromising this privacy. Belarc has developed proprietary technology that allows web sites to offer their users personalized content and advice, while maintaining the privacy of their users data."

About Belarc

The Belarc Advisor system is the first Internet commerce tool to help home or corporate PC shoppers automatically buy the right PC hardware and software products, without needing to be technical experts. Our systems are licensed by some of the leading Internet merchants such as NECX Direct, ComputerESP and Insight Direct. When you go to these sites, click on the Belarc button to know with certainty that you are buying the right product the first time.

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