Insight Direct & ComputerESP license SpecData

Belarc's PC Products' Specifications Database Licensed By Popular Internet Merchant Sites - ComputerESP and Insight Direct

September 15, 1997 -- Concord, MA -- Belarc, a leading developer of personalized content delivery systems for the Internet, announced today that its SpecData database has been licensed by Insight Direct and ComputerESP.

SpecData is a detailed database of hardware and software product specifications and requirements, and can be used by Internet merchant and media sites to give their visitors detailed information on computer products. The searchable format of SpecData is unique in that it allows web sites to provide automatic feature comparisons and specification based indexing.

Belarc takes every step to insure that the information in SpecData is accurate and uses the following procedure to build the database:

  • Information is obtained directly from the manufacturers.
  • Data is gathered by computer knowledgeable editors.
  • All data is cross checked for accuracy and is released if it passes Belarc’s 100 % review process.

"At Insight Direct we want to give our customers accurate and detailed information on software products, and SpecData fills the bill", said John-Scott Dixon, Director, Electronic Media at Insight Direct (

"ComputerESP is one of the most active PC product sites on the Internet. With SpecData our visitors have even more practical solutions for comparing hardware and software,” commented Tonny Yu, President of U.Vision, Inc. "In addition, SpecData allows us to sort products by feature, which provides easier access to information about the products users are considering for purchase."

The SpecData database can be seen on ComputerESP's site ( by clicking on any hardware or software category and then clicking on the [Specs] tag next to any specific product.

About Belarc

Belarc develops and licenses personalized content delivery systems to Internet PC merchant and media sites. In addition to the SpecData database the company also licenses the Belarc Advisor system, the first Internet commerce tool to help home or corporate PC shoppers automatically buy the right computer hardware and software products, without needing to be technical experts.

Belarc’s systems are licensed by some of the leading Internet merchants such as NECX Direct, ComputerESP and Insight Direct. On these sites, click on the Belarc button and you will know with certainty that you are buying the right product the first time.

For more information please contact: Belarc, Inc.
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