Learn how Belarc can help you optimize your software licensing.

Learn how Belarc can help you optimize your software licensing.

License Optimization

Belarc helps you with software license optimization by automatically showing the software usage data our customers need to make good decisions.

  • SaaS products like Adobe CC and DC and Microsoft 365

    Optimizing these products relies on knowing the internal usage of these products by named user and comparing that to what you are paying each month.

  • Expensive CAD and GIS software from Autodesk and ESRI

    Optimizing starts with knowing your internal usage and license types such as floating or concurrent and named user, and comparing that to what you are paying.

  • IBM database and middleware products

    Knowing your actual PVU usage at all times and making sure that you qualify for sub-capacity licensing.

  • Microsoft server products

    Comparing the costs of Server/CAL vs Core license metrics.

  • Oracle database and middleware products

    Most Oracle database Options and Management Packs, such as Real Application Clusters, Advanced Security, Tuning Pack, etc. are typically installed with each database instance. However these Options and Management packs are only licensable if they are being used by any of your associated databases.

    Many organizations automatically pay for these Options and Management Packs if they are installed without going through the manual efforts to see if they are actually being used. Belarc automates the discovery of the usage of these Options and Management Packs to help you optimize your Oracle database license costs.

Should you consider going off of your Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreement) because of the high annual costs. Belarc gives you the data you need to make the right choice.

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